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Private Tutoring

Tutorial sessions are one-to-one unless specified.  Your student will have the individual attention they deserve.  Amp Education works closely with students of all ages and abilities, recognizing the unique requirements for all learners.  We recognize the varying learning styles of students, including identified learning challenges and we are able to provide instruction that enhances their learning needs.

Learning Modalities

Few students learn solely by “rote memory”, reading or listening to a teacher provide instruction in a classroom.  At Amp Education, we make learning fun and significant. Our methods utilize visual, auditory, and kinesthetic activities that are meaningful and relevant to the student, yet focus on their academic or subject needs.



All Grade Levels, All Subjects

Our tutors are trained and experienced teachers.

All with a passion to work with students to achieve academic success.


All levels from Common Core to Calculus


Reading & Writing



Elementary Education

Test Preparation


How To Register

Due to the individualized nature of these sessions an appointment is required. Test Preparation services should be scheduled far in advance of the test itself. Call us to discuss what works best for your student.

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Call or Email us today to discuss your learning outcomes and to schedule an appointment.


Please schedule enough time for your students session. Students will generally meet with their assigned tutor once a week or more frequently as needed.

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