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With today’s changing educational environment, we encourage opening the dialogue for mental well being.  We have partnered with educational counselors to help with the strains we face as parents and educators. 


Beyond the Books

The mental an emotional strains of the last year have taken a toll on all of us. Both students and parents have needed a little more support in their well being. We offer limited one on one consultation services by appointment.


Counseling & Coaching

Coaching Topics

These group topics will run for a period of 8 weeks. Including Q&A discussions.

We also offer limited private consultation services by appointment.


Growth Mindset

Promotes meaningful development of individuals capabilities, characteristics, behaviors, to beyond what they are currently capable of and set the learner up for future growth as well. Grow with us over this 8 week course.


Anxiety Analysis

Why do we have it, how does it affect us, can we keep it from harming us? These difficult questions and more are discussed in this 8 week course . Our experts delve into the benefits and  detriments of anxiety.

Staying Social

In our new world, it is hard connecting socially over the computer and responding to cues with masks. How can we get the most out of all our interactions? In this 8 week course we are going to get social over social!


Counseling & Coaching

Private Counseling


Initial Consultation

This is an informative meet up either to gather information, deliver information, or advise. Written report of consultation will be provided.

Emotional Development

Hour long sessions focusing on student’s mental state and their emotional development. 

College Path

Help your child attain their goals post high school. Hour long sessions focusing on helping your child achieve their best.

Parenting out of the pandemic (Special)

How do we cope with the new normal? We will focus on being the center of change for your family in these hour long sessions.


How To Register

Due to the individualized nature of these sessions, an appointment is required. All information is private and confidential. Call us to discuss what works best for you or your student.

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Call or Email us today to discuss your learning outcomes and to schedule an appointment.


Please schedule enough time for sessions. Some sessions may be suitable online, others can be requested in person. Details will be discussed by one of our professionals.


All counseling sessions are conducted by a professional. They will coach you on further engagements and may schedule private sessions according to your needs.

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